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Warning: Monster Truck Games

Warning: Monster Truck Games

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Today there are many more resources available to help individuals find fun games to learn Spanish or any other language they want to learn. In the past, language learning was not very fun, requiring individuals to listen to audio tapes of common sentences in the foreign language, study vocabulary lists through flashcards, and memorize grammar rules, memorizing verb conjugations and other rote information.

Although these methods are still needed in learning language, there are also free games to learn Spanish and other languages that can be found on the internet to supplement the curriculum, provide reinforcement to the skills learned, and add a little fun back into the foreign language learning experience.

Types of Games

There are some free games to learn Spanish that are designed to supplement vocabulary building in addition to memorization. There are crossword puzzles and word finds that help individuals remember some of the words that they have learned and also to train their eyes to recognize Spanish words in a jumble of letters. There are also higher levels of these types of free games to learn Spanish which require individuals to read the clues in Spanish as well so that more advanced learners can also enjoy and learn from the games.

There are also videos that provide sing-alongs that can be used to learn Spanish and are especially useful for younger learners. Some websites also provide jokes and cartoons that are fun to read and make the learning process more fun. Some free games to learn Spanish are simulation situations where the character in the game has to come up with the word or phrase in order to get out of a particular situation.

This helps Spanish learners to learn to think quickly on their feet which is a real life skill that scares beginning Spanish speakers. These simulation games put the individual in a pressure situation where the time is ticking and they have to learn to come up with the Spanish words or phrases quickly to win.

By practicing this, when an individual gets into a real life Spanish speaking situation, they will have practiced thinking quickly for the Spanish word or phrase and will be less likely to blank out - a new language learner's biggest fear.

In addition, there are other free games to learn Spanish that offer a story in a short paragraph where the individual has to fill in the appropriate word or phrase from the vocabulary that they have learned. Often these will come with a word or phrase bank for beginners and not have a word bank at all for advanced Spanish speakers.